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U.S. Elite Wine Kits

Completed:  6-8 Weeks Volume:  6.4L (1.7 Gal) Yield:  30/750ml Bottles

Pure Varietal, 100% Winery Grade highly varietal concentrate. Originally developed for commercial wineries, US Elite Micro Winery Series™ wine kits are specifically formulated for the professional winemaker, but are equally easy to use for the novice or intermediate home wine maker. US Elite does not blend varietals from different countries, nor do they add water or sugar (in any form). They certify the appellation of each varietal and provide documentation that complies with all federal regulations for commercial wine making. US Elite Micro Winery‚Äôs pure varietal concentrate formulation and documented pedigree allow the winemaker to achieve the ultimate result of superior, handcrafted wines of uncompromising quality and veracity.

Each kit contains necessary wine making components including: recommended yeast, oak and other fining and stabilizing agents.

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