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Cheeky Monkey

Completed:  4 Weeks Volume:  10L (2.64 Gal) Yield:  30/750ml Bottles

Uninhibited, impulsive, and a little defiant - maybe not your average wine description, but hey, this  isn’t exactly your average wine. Cheeky Monkey™ shakes off the uptight attitude and rules around wine because we know good wine isn’t determined by the price tag, brand name, or some expert’s opinion. Good wine is whatever you want it to be, and it pairs with whatever you want to drink it with. Maybe that’s a steak. Maybe it’s a bag of chips. Maybe it’s just another glass of wine. WELL, CHEERS TO THAT.

Cheeky Monkey™ offers traditional yet untamed, flavorful wines  meant to be enjoyed in their natural habitat – free from pretension  and over-analysis. Embrace the unconventional and get cheeky. Besides, when did monkeying around become such a bad thing?